Sagicor CariCARE card gives you more

January 01, 0001

At a time when individuals and families are doing their best to maintain their finances following the period of economic downturn and uncertainty created by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sagicor is encouraging its clients to make full use of the savings and financial benefits provided by the company’s CariCARE card.

Given  to  each  Sagicor  health  insurance  client,  the main  benefit  of  the  CariCARE  card  is  that  it allows  cardholders  to  keep  more  of  their  hard-earned  money  in  their  pocket,  thanks  to  the company’s  real time  claims auto-adjudication process. When  visiting  any  medical  service provider  that  recognises  Sagicor as  an  insurance  partner,  clients  simply  need  to  present  their valid card at the point of sale, resulting in them only being required to pay their “portion” of the cost, with Sagicor taking care of the rest.

“The alternative that is traditionally available in the market is for individuals to pay upfront and in full for medical, dental or vision care services, complete and submit a paper claim, wait until that  claim  has  been  processed and a  reimbursement cheque delivered,” said James  Camacho, Sagicor’s Vice President, Operations.

“Thanks  to  the  CariCARE  card  and  our  auto-adjudication   process, our   clients and   their dependents no longer have to worry about paying upfront for these services and then having to wait for reimbursement. Once they present their card and the service provider confirms they are a valid Sagicor medical insurance client, they are only required to pay their portion of the final bill, thereby keeping more money in their pockets.”

The  benefits  do  not  end  there,  with Camacho further saying that Sagicor  health  insureds also have  access to medical  care  in international  jurisdictions via the company’s overseas  medical service provider. “Our clients and their dependents can rest assured that their health insurance coverage includes  overseas medical  care, should  it  become  necessary,  such  as  in  emergency situations or if any medical services are not available locally.”

As it relates to providing additional savings and keeping money in your pocket, Camacho spoke to a benefit  of  the  CariCARE  card,  which comes via the company’s partnership with Medicard Limited.

Sagicor  health  insureds also benefit  from  discounts  on  a  wide  range  of  health  and  wellness services and many other discounts from companies who have joined the Medicard network to take part in this programme. Discounts are available to Sagicor’s medical insurance policyholders, who  simply  need  to  present  their  CariCARE  card  carrying  the  official Medicard logo,  at participating partners.

“We talk quite a bit about making better health choices, whether this relates to what we eat, the supplements we take, or the physical activity we engage in. This partnership makes these choices more appealing to a wider group of individuals, by making health and fitness more affordable,” Camacho explained.