Sagicor General Renewal and Claims Guidelines

Sagicor General Insurance Inc. fully supports the call of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GOTT) for the national community to do its part in combating the spread of the COVID 19 virus.
In addition to the emphasis on regular hand washing and the other habits that promote good hygiene, we fully endorse the practice of social distancing to minimize physical interaction and curb the spread of the virus.   We have joined the national effort to minimize gatherings in office spaces and are here to help you, from a distance, to avoid making unnecessary trips to our office. 

Here are some helpful tips to guide you through our renewal and claims process:


  • Premium payments can be made via commercial banks’ online banking portals or applications utilizing third party (other bank) transfers in the name of Sagicor General Insurance any:
    • Republic Bank Limited, Account Number 180462056101
    • Scotia Bank Trinidad & Tobago Limited, Account Number 74815/1200406
  • Ensure that the correct Policy Number is input in the “reference” field so that we can allocate the premium paid to your policy
  • Receipts will be issued via emailed once the transfer of funds is completed
  • Motor Certificates will be emailed to clients and their physical certificate will be collected once normalized.



  • If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you take photographs of the damaged vehicles and the area. The gathering of third-party information such as name(s), contact info, vehicle registration number(s), make and model of vehicle(s), insurer(s), witnesses, injured parties, etc. is also vital and will also be required.
  • Download our
  • Complete form and submit via email to [email protected]
  • As far as possible claim forms should be accompanied by copies/pictures of the following:
    • Estimate for Repairs
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) Letter or Certificate of Registration
    • Certified Copy of Ownership
    • Proof of Identity – Drivers Permit, National Identification Card or Passport
    • Police Report Receipt
    • Photos of the damaged vehicle/property
    • Letter of Coverage (third party claimants only)
    • Bank Account details