Product Overview

Our Sage IUL product provides immediate death benefit protection along with greater wealth accumulation potential through indexed-linked crediting strategies, downside market protection, tax advantages, and access to accumulated cash values through loans and withdrawals. The unique and powerful combination of features can help provide a solution to alleviate a lifetime of concerns, even if those concerns change over time.

Features and Benefits

A key benefit of the Sage IUL is your ability access the policy’s accumulated cash value. Policy loans are available any time after the policy has a cash value via a fixed or variable loan. Policy withdrawals are allowed after the first policy year.

The policy owner may elect an income stream, based on the death benefit to be paid to the beneficiary. If the policy owner has made no election, the beneficiary may choose to receive a lump sum death benefit or an income stream based on the death benefit amount.

While the policy is in force, there are two death benefit options available, Level Death Benefit and Increasing Death Benefit.

  • Cash value accumulation with less risk
  • Customize and enhance your coverage with adjustable premium payments, a choice of death benefit options, multiple crediting strategy choices offering diversification, and optional policy riders
  • Income tax-free[1] death benefit
  • Tax-free policy loans
  • Tax deferral on credited interest along with interest compounding

The fixed loan option allows you to borrow funds against your Sage IUL policy and you will be charged a fixed rate of interest. Preferred loans are available starting the 11th policy year and the charge on the borrowed money is equal to the interest that is being credited to the cash value of the policy, resulting in a zero-cost loan. The maximum fixed loan amount is the cash surrender value less anticipated charges and loan interest from the date of the loan to the next policy anniversary.

Many people have concerns about how rising taxes might affect their current and future retirement savings. Used as part of an overall financial strategy, Sage IUL may help you save and keep more of your hard-earned dollars. The fact is, most retirement vehicles are either taxed when the contribution is made or taxed later when accessed. With Sage IUL, the cash value accumulates tax free[1], and earned interest may also be accessed tax free[1] through policy loans. Withdrawals, however, are subject to taxation. Sagicor does not provide tax planning advice. Please consult your tax advisor.

A loan may be a cost-effective way to access accrued funds from your Sage IUL policy. There are two types of loans that may be made from your Sage IUL policy, a fixed and a variable loan.

In addition to loans, you have the option to make withdrawals from your policy’s accumulated cash value. However, the money withdrawn will not earn interest, may be subject to taxation and can reduce your policy’s value, including the death benefit. In addition, withdrawals generally include:

  • A transaction fee that is assessed per withdrawal
  • A limit on the number of withdrawals that can be taken per policy year
  • A minimum withdrawal of $500 and a maximum of 100% of the policy’s net cash surrender value
  • Additional fees if the withdrawal reduces the policy’s face amount

The variable loan option allows borrowed funds to continue to track the underlying market indexes earning some credited interest. Because the interest rate charge on the loan is variable, it can fluctuate over time, meaning you may earn more, or less than the interest rate charged on the money borrowed. The maximum variable loan amount is the account value of the index strategies. The accumulated value less the variable loan amount must exceed the anticipated charges and loan interest from the date of the loan to the next policy anniversary.


  1. Life insurance death benefits are free from federal income taxes, in most cases..
  2. Monthly deductions include policy expense charges, cost of insurance charges and costs or charges for all other benefits added to the policy by rider, endorsement or amendment.
  3. No Medical Exam for Qualified Applicants: All applicants must answer application health questions and undergo automated underwriting review. Depending on health answers, electronic report results, age, and amount of insurance applied for, an applicant may not receive an immediate decision, and a review of more information and/or a medical exam may be required to determine eligibility.

If you have questions about the policy and riders, please contact your insurance agent. Insurance and annuities issued by Sagicor Life Insurance Company. Home office: Scottsdale, AZ. Products have limitations and restrictions including surrender charges. Not available in all states and variations may apply. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Sagicor. Withdrawals prior to age 59½ may be subject to ordinary income tax and a 10% IRS tax penalty. Sagicor does not provide tax or estate planning advice. Consult tax advisor(s).

Policy Forms: ICC171017, 1017CA, 1017FL, 1017, 1017ND. Rider Forms: ICC106035, 6050CA, 6050, 6050DC, 6050SD, ICC106038, 6052CA, 6052, 6052DC, 6052SD, ICC106056, 6056.13, 6056, 6056ND, ICC156063, 6063, 6063FL, ICC176065, 6047CA, 6065FL, 6065, 6065ND, ICC176066, and 6066.

Not FDIC insured. Not insured by any federal agency. Not a deposit or other obligation of the bank. Not bank guaranteed.