Our vision and values guide how we operate as a company — and more importantly — how we can better serve our families, friends and neighbors.

Our Vision

“To be a great company committed to improving the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate.”

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For our customers...

Our vision means a commitment to deliver quality products and services that provide exceptional value. This re-emphasizes the concept of world-class products and services, which are at the forefront of our operating strategy.

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For our staff...

It is creating a working environment which will facilitate their continuing development and allow them to fulfill their personal and financial goals. We deliver on our promise to our customers and stakeholders by recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent available.

We promise to “create a working environment which is characterized by fair and equitable treatment to all employees, fair remuneration and recognition for work done, and the opportunity for development and self-actualization for all staff.”

Sagicor Life Insurance Company presents a large-format donation check of $50,000 to PCA-Tampa Bay

For our communities...

It is improving lives through philanthropy and volunteer service. Our corporate vision guides our approach and focuses in areas of health, education, youth and sports. This focus is consistent with the Sagicor Group of Companies and connects us to a long and rich tradition of corporate community involvement dating back to 1840.

Sagicor’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen is brought to life in each of our communities through the efforts of our staff. Their enthusiasm and participation is responsible for our success and the impact that we make.

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Our Values

“To be a Timeless, Borderless, and Colorless company.”

These values speak to the all-encompassing nature of our company; guiding our behavior, procedures, business decisions and relationships.

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We are building a company for today, which is relevant now and will continue to be for all times. We will always innovate and embrace change, never allowing ourselves to become staid or obsolete so that we retain our edge to compete in the future.

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We view ourselves as members of one organization, and will not be constrained by any self-imposed physical, intellectual or cultural limitations. We will conduct our business in a way that truly reflects this philosophy.

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We conduct our business and personal relationships on that consciously high level which creates an environment characterized by a philosophy of equitable treatment and equal opportunity for all.