Mike Pietrobono

Office: (480) 425-5100

Fax: (480) 425-5144

Cell: (480) 797-5936

E-mail: [email protected]

Sagicor Bank Duke and Tower Street 17a Duke Street Kingston, Jamaica

Hi this is Mike Pietrobono. I have extensive experience in various industries during my 30 year career as an engineer, manager, and insurance agent. My career has encompassed domestic USA and international assignments giving me a unique perspective of understanding the customs and needs of various nationalities, ethnicities, and professions. I take a consultative approach to finding the best solution for your requirements. I treat everyone and everything with a sense of logic mixed with the emotional component so that the solution satisfies both areas of a person's need. I volunteer in coaching youth and adult sports and use that perspective to introduce those coaching principles to my clients that want that help ad well. I've helped a few clients incorporate a low impact office fitness regime that takes minutes and relieves stress so they can get back to focusing on their mission to satisfy their clients and team members.

I appreciate your inquires and our potential to get to know one another so that the magic of a solid relationship can work it's power.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to meeting you.

Currently licensed states: AZ, CO, ID, FL, CA, IA


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