Whole Life Insurance With a Difference

As individuals, we have different dreams and special goals. You know why you save, what is affordable for you, and what type of insurance you require. Let this shape how you plan for your financial future with access to products that are adjustable and in sync with your personal goals. Young or old. Married or not. The Sagicor Whole Life Insurance Suite lets you tailor your insurance to help you pursue your profession or passion.

With Sagicor Whole Life Insurance you get the protection of permanent insurance covering you to age 100. In addition, at application, you get to add an endowment benefit to your lifetime insurance coverage under an enhanced policy. The first of its kind in the region, our Enhanced Whole Life Policy gives you increased lifetime insurance protection plus an endowment benefit that pays cash at the policy anniversary nearest age 65, when retirement is in sight. 

Whole Life Coverage

Our whole life policies cover you to age 100, accumulating guaranteed cash value during your lifetime and providing a death benefit to protect your loved ones. Premiums are fixed and once paid, the policy will remain in force for your entire lifetime. You will have the option of paying the premium through to age 100 or ending the premium payment at age 65. In the event of death, provided there is no indebtedness, the Sum Assured will be paid.

Enhanced Whole Life Coverage

If you choose the unique hybrid coverage provided by an Enhanced Whole Life Policy you will get to choose the amount of your endowment benefit. The endowment benefit provides additional whole life coverage of either 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of basic coverage, as elected by the policy owner at application. Enhanced coverage will cease after
the endowment rider matures and in the event of death after payment of the endowment benefit only the Sum Assured will be payable. In addition, the owner-insured who lives beyond the policy anniversary nearest age 65 will receive a lump sum payment equal to the chosen percentage increase in coverage. 

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Sagicor Enhanced Whole Life Insurance Suite

Sagicor offers this non-participating whole life plan of insurance designed to match your unique needs and give you financial peace of mind for today, and for the future.


How Sagicor Enhanced Whole Life Insurance Suite Can Benefit You

  • The opportunity to choose your premium payment options with the selection of payment to age 100 or payment to age 65;
  • Payment of the Sum Assured if the insured dies; and
  • Guaranteed cash values against which loans can be obtained, subject to terms of repayment.

The endowment component allows the owner to select a percentage based on the sum assured from the whole life component to be utilised as the maturity benefit of the plan.
The selection is as follows:

  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

With the purchase of this option (which is available for insureds between 18 years old and the policy’s maximum issue age), if the insured dies in an accident or becomes dismembered within the meaning of the policy, then subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, a pre-determined lump sum benefit will be paid. Coverage for this option ends
on the policy anniversary nearest the insured’s 65th birthday or on earlier termination of the policy.


Should you choose to purchase this option, on being satisfied that you have become totally disabled under the terms of the policy, while your disability continues, Sagicor will waive the payment of the premium until the end of the benefit period. Where the option is chosen with a policy issued to you on the life of another person, the premium will also be waived following your death until the end of the benefit period. Coverage for this option ends on the policy anniversary nearest the insured’s 60th birthday or on earlier
termination of the policy.

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terms and conditions

Sagicor Whole Life and Enhanced Whole Life are sold by Sagicor Life Inc, a member of the Sagicor Group of Companies. Whole life policies are intended to be long-term contracts and in early years surrender values will be less than total premiums paid. Where an endowment benefit is included, it will be payable after the policy anniversary nearest age 65. Where there is no indebtedness on the policy at the endowment benefit’s maturity date, the amount of endowment benefit will be as stated in the policy specifications. Information is valid as of October 2020.