Guide to Budgeting and Saving

Why Budget – It’s a Matter of Balance
Financial well-being is a matter of striking the right balance between what you earn, what you spend and what you put away for the future. A personal budget that you create and monitor over time is the ideal way to help you achieve that balance.

You wouldn’t consider running a business without a clear picture of income and expenditures. The same should be true for your personal finances!

Personal budgeting takes a bit of work, but the benefits of having an accurate budget make it time well spent. This Guide, therefore, shows you how to develop a personal budget and how to benefit from good cash flow timing and money management.

A budget can help you to:

  • put your day-to-day finances into balance

  • develop good spending and saving habits – instead of living from pay cheque to pay cheque

  • prepare for shortages in income or emergency expenditures

  • put your longer-term financial goals into perspective

  • identify errors made by your bank or credit card company

  • have peace of mind that you’re handling your money in a prudent way