What Documents Will I Need When Applying for a Mortgage?

BY The Sagicor Advisor Posted January 10, 2019 In home ownership


Wondering what you need? Prepare these documents ahead of time.


For a mortgage on an existing property:

A letter from your employer indicating present salary, position and length of service. 
Proof of Identity 
Proof of down payment and source of funds (copies of at least 3 month’s recent bank statements).
If you are self-employed, the last three years’ financial statements and copies of your income tax returns. 
Letter of offer from the seller of the property supported by a valuation of the property by one of Sagicor’s approved valuers.
Banker’s reference. 
A copy of the plot plan and proof of ownership (Conveyance/Certificate of Title). 

For a mortgage to build:

Copies of approved plans by the relevant government agencies. 
Quantity Surveyor/Architect’s/Contractor’s cost estimate. 
Estimated value of the property on completion (projected valuation report).

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