Surviving the Holiday Season

BY De-Ann Smith Posted December 19, 2019

'Tis the season to be busy! The holiday season is a time of giving and spending time with family. Unfortunately, the holiday season statistically tends to see a spike in car accidents, house fires and theft. 

Did You Know? 
Most house fires throughout the entire year start from the kitchen and Christmas lights are one of the leading causes for holiday fires.

Let’s face it. The season brings many distractions from friends, family and guests. Our schedules are hectic and it’s easy to get trapped in the last-minute rush. Here are a few general safety tips to help you survive the holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips

1. Avoid overloading sockets
2. Before decorating with lights, please inspect the strands. Check for missing and broken bulbs and throw away frayed, damaged lights
3. If you choose a live Christmas tree, turn off the lights before watering it. The fresher the tree, the less likely it is to catch fire. If your tree is artificial, make sure it is labelled – “fire resistant” 
4. Be strategic where you set your candles down and keep them away from Christmas trees, curtains and decorations
5. Avoid late night cooking this Christmas so you won’t fall asleep. Stay in the kitchen while waiting for your meal to finish or ask someone to take over when feeling tired
6. Lock car doors and park in busy areas while shopping. Do not leave valuables or shopping bags on display in your car
7. After purchasing large screen TVs or similar-sized gadgets, crush, shred or fold up boxes and place in a black garbage bag, before throwing away. Boxes at the side of the road gives thieves an idea of what’s inside your home
8. Do not text and drive! Make lists, get directions and gather as much information as possible before hitting the road. Better yet, get a passenger to communicate with others for you while driving
9. Choose a designated driver! Don’t drink and drive!