Smash Those 2020 Goals

BY De-Ann Smith Posted January 02, 2020

The new year is here! Let’s jump straight into it. Smash your 2020 goals with these five (5) tips below:

Take a break

Yes, it’s the last thing we think of when setting new-year goals but burnout is real. Rest is necessary not only for rejuvenation but to re-ignite your creative process. Taking a break involves more than sleep, it includes making time for hobbies or outings that allow us to unplug.

Pace Yourself

We tend to focus for the first month of the year, then fall off. Our goals excite us, we try to juggle everything at once and then we expect change now! It hasn’t worked for years yet we keep doing it over and over. Reach for the stars yes, but pace yourself. Focus on what you can now, you still have 11 more months to tackle the others.

Find an Accountability Partner

Get yourself someone who holds you accountable for doing the things you said you were going to do! Your accountability partner could be a coworker, friend, mentor - anyone who will be firm yet supportive in the process. Choose a different partner for each goal if necessary! 

Celebrate Small wins!

Why do we celebrate when babies take their first step? Because it’s progress to their development. Each baby step will eventually lead to them walking, running, skipping and jumping! Each baby step in our lives is worth celebrating. Don’t wait until you reach the end, enjoy the process. You are winning! 

Follow up regularly 

Check in on your goals to see where you’re at. Are you on track? Following up is just an opportunity to see how far you’ve come and what else needs to be done.  
Here are a few affirmations to repeat when following up:  You still have time! You’ve only just begun! Don’t give up! Keep pushing! You’ll get there! It’s okay, try again! You’re doing great! I’m so proud of you! 

Here is a list of goals Sagicor can help you with for the new year. Are any of these on your list? Call us at 1 (800) 744 7707 to find out more!
New Home
Retirement Planning
Protecting your Child’s Future
Protecting your health
Protecting your home
Protecting your vehicle
Protecting your personal items
Protecting your business

Please note the above list varies by country.

Let’s do this! 2020, here we come!