Keeping Up With The Elderly

BY De-Ann Smith Posted April 16, 2020

COVID-19 has brought about many abrupt changes in our lives. Some of us are adjusting and coping better than others but it’s been a difficult period for many. Last week, we gave you tips on how to edutain the kids at home but we’d also like to share ways you can keep up with one of the most vulnerable groups in this pandemic – the elderly. 
Many of us have elderly parents or grandparents, living by themselves or with us.  Most of us know the elderly persons living in our neighbourhoods. Yes, we’re referring to that elderly lady who usually sits on her front porch every morning on your way to work, watching the cars go by. Or, maybe it’s that elderly man that’s always working tirelessly around his yard and you’ve wondered when he’ll retire. Some of you have that one elderly couple in your neighbourhood who takes evening strolls or whose television you can hear from down the street. This group of persons need us. 

How do we keep up with them or how do we help them to keep up? Here are a few suggestions below:
Go grocery shopping for them  
Introduce them to technology
Stream online movies or concerts/shows
Do online activities together
Prepare cooked meals
Offer to run an errand
Call them and exchange stories and memories for entertainment
Keep them updated but also reassured to eliminate anxiety
Try giving them books, puzzles, crosswords or colouring books to keep their mind active
Call them just to check up and let them know someone cares

We encourage you to check out our social media pages for more tips! Remember, we are in this together!