Happy YOU Year!

BY De-Ann Smith Posted December 31, 2022
It’s the last day of 2022 and this is the closest we have been to going back to normal in 2 years. We can reminisce on being able to spend time with family for Christmas just like we used to. We bought gifts, fixed the house, decorate, put up new curtains and ate black cake with some ham cutters, enjoyed some parang and more! We gathered with one another and many of us were able to fly without restrictions and see our family abroad for the first time in what felt like forever! 

We are so thankful for the year that has passed and now we are moving forward and looking forward to what the new year brings. What have you neglected over the past two years? Many of us have neglected our health and stopped exercising, we abandoned our hobbies and stopped doing a lot of the things that make us … well, us! The last two years taught us many lessons that many of us learned as it relates to family, friends, and all our loved ones. We at Sagicor want to remind you for 2023 to take care of you! 

Make this year about YOU! Ask yourself a few questions about 2023:
1. What is my vision?
2. What have I always wanted to do but I always put it aside and put myself last?
3. What fears do I want to overcome?
4. What will I do differently this year to ensure I get different results?
5. What do I miss doing that I need to start doing again?
6. What can I do for fun?
7. How do I make time for me?
8. What can I do alone that makes me feel good to be in my own presence?
9. How can I better my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health?
10. What’s the one thing I have to do this year just for me?

Happy YOU Year! We are more than ready to help make this year about you. If there are any financial goals you want to accomplish this year, Sagicor is here to ensure YOU get on top of it. The quality of your life is on the line if you don’t make the decisions today to benefit YOU tomorrow. 

Contact your Sagicor advisor or call us today to make this year a Happy YOU Year!