Dear 2020, We’re Coming to Slay!

BY De-Ann Smith Posted January 30, 2020

Dear 2020 – we’re coming and we’re coming to SLAY! 

We’ve been discussing all the plans and goals we have for 2020 throughout the month of January. We’ve touched on the challenges that’ll come our way as well as different ways to challenge ourselves. Also see our blog “How to Set Yourself up for Success.” 

How does one slay the year? Well, everyone has their own idea of what that means as we all have different goals. Our ambitions, our purpose and what we value will often differ. The key to slaying 2020 relies upon your mindset. Regardless of what comes your way this year, your will and drive to push through and keep going will help you to slay. The great Kobe Bryant said “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is an opportunity for me to rise. “

What giants are you currently facing?

 5 giants we tend to face are:
Lack of confidence
Worrying about what others think
Having the wrong people around

Here are 5 positive affirmations to help you slay the first year of the new decade!
I make wise decisions
I am courageous. I got this!
I am enough. I’m the best person for this
My value isn’t based on the opinion of others
My circle is POWERFUL! 

If your giants include “how to protect your family, your home and personal possessions, or saving for the future or your kids’ future. Contact Sagicor and let’s help you to SLAY all 2020 and beyond!