Carnival Do's and Don'ts

BY De-Ann Smith Posted February 21, 2020

Carnival, we coming! While we hope you enjoy the festivities to the fullest, we also encourage you to be safe. Safety measures shouldn’t be put in place for Carnival Monday and Tuesday only, but we must be safe while partying and feteing all weekend long.

Here are a few Carnival Tips for all of you soca junkies! Share with your friends and family!

Fete Tips

Choose a designated driver 
Do not drink and drive! Arrive alive and let’s live to see another day.

Travel in groups
Do not walk around alone especially at night. Carpooling is not only a safer but cheaper method. Take care of each other. 

Avoid having large amounts of cash/ Wear minimal jewellery 
The less you have with/on you, the better.  Don’t give thieves a reason to target you or those around you.

Do not accept drinks from strangers
You may want to take a whine from a stranger but don’t accept drinks from them! Drink spiking is possible!

Tips For The Road

Drink plenty of water
The sun will be out! Be sure to stay hydrated on the road. If you’re looking to drink lots of alcohol, drinking water before, during and after consuming alcohol is recommended. 

Wear Sunscreen and/or a hat
Long hours on the road in the sun? This is a must.  Even if you are a bystander, the sun will affect all. 

Have a great time!
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, make memories with friends and family!

General Tips

Ensure your motor insurance is up to date
Carnival season is the time of year where we see an increase in accidents on the roads. You can’t control the actions of others. Protect yourself, passengers and vehicle. Not insured? Now is the time!

Secure Your Vehicle
Be careful where you park your vehicle. Though it’s tempting to park in the first available spot you see, that can be detrimental. Opt to use paid car parks and DO NOT leave valuable items in your vehicles. Once again, Get Insured! 

Secure Your Homes
While you’re out partying, the thieves are out lurking. Secure your premises and never leave your keys in areas such as mailboxes, under door mats and flower pots. 

We hope you continue to enjoy your carnival season and we encourage you to take into consideration the tips mentioned above.


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