Be Storm Ready

BY De-Ann Smith Posted July 23, 2020

This weekend, some of us across the region are preparing for a storm that reports say could possibly develop into a hurricane. As the storm progresses, we encourage you to stay locked to your local news via radio, television or social media to receive accurate and reliable updates. 

5 Ways to Prepare for the Storm Now! 
1. Determine your risk – if your home is not hurricane ready and you believe it’s at risk for damage, find a loved one you can stay with until the storm passes. Similarly, if you live in a flood – prone area, move to higher ground
2. Know the closest hurricane shelters – It doesn’t matter how prepared we are, storms can bring about the unexpected. Know where to go in the case of an emergency and learn more than one route to get there.
3. Develop an evacuation plan –  Do you have an escape route? What if your main exit is blocked? Make sure your family knows what the plan is. Think about what to do and where to meet up if separated, different escape routes from the house, what to grab and what to leave etc
4. Gather supplies for at least 3 days –  Keep in mind each person’s needs including medication etc.
5. Pack a “to-go-bag” – In the event you have to leave your home suddenly and head over to a hurricane shelter or by a loved one, pack a bag of necessities 

Things to Stock Up On
Need to do some last-minute shopping? Here are just a few items to stock up on. Look at the checklist below: