5 Work From Home Tips

BY De-Ann Smith Posted April 02, 2020

Working from home? Sounds great right? Well… it depends. Working from home undeniably has its advantages, but the level of comfort and productivity differs from person to person. If we’re being honest, even the most disciplined persons can struggle with the task of working from home. Why? We have grown accustomed to structure and routine. Covid-19 has brought about some changes within our workplaces and in our daily lives and we must adjust. For those who are working from home, here are some ways to help you settle in. 

5 Work From Home Tips

  1. Know Yourself – Be honest about your weaknesses and try your best to eliminate distractions. Find a comfortable, yet, well-lit space at home, to help with productivity. 

  2. Take A Break – If you're the type of person who rarely takes a break at work, being in the comfort of your own home may encourage you to do the same. Set a timer to take time for lunch and turn off your work. Move around and stretch occasionally.
  3. Find your own routine – It’s important to find what works for you. Find a new home routine or prepare yourself as you would, when going into the office. 
  4. Prepare for virtual meetings – If you’re using video, dress professionally and be mindful of your background. Test microphone and use headphones where possible, to help eliminate background noise.
  5. Set a Family Schedule – Working from home may be challenging especially if you have live with family and children. Try to find a space alone or set a schedule where possible to keep everyone busy at the same time. Schedule breaks and lunch if needed.

One more useful tip is to team up via video and conference calls to help each other stay awake and productive!! Find out how fellow coworkers and friends are adapting. We’re all in this together!