5 Quarantine Car Care Tips!

BY De-Ann Smith Posted May 20, 2020

We are slowly reopening after the onset of Covid-19 and the lockdown it has caused across the Caribbean and the world. However, with many of us still quarantined and each island experiencing their own restrictions, one thing we have in common is that we all need to find ways to still take care of ourselves, each other and our belongings. Many of you have been experiencing dead car batteries and more since the lockdown. 

Cars were made to be driven; so, with our cars sitting idly in the driveway, the question is: “Do I need to do anything with my car since it’s not in use?” The answer is yes. We want that when we need to go out for essential needs or when we can finally roam freely again that our cars can at least start! 
Here are 5 tips to help you keep your car in tip top shape while in quarantine.

5 Car Care Tips
1. Keep the battery charged – Car batteries need to be charged for optimal performance. Since quarantine, many of you have experienced or could possibly experience a dead battery when looking to drive for the first time in a while. Start your car every 3 days and let it run for a couple minutes or take it for a quick drive around the block.

2. Check tyre pressure – check tyre pressure to avoid flat spots from developing. This can occur from your car being parked in the same spot for a period of time with the weight of the car and loss of tyre pressure. Check your pressure when filling up at the gas station or take your car for a quick drive around the block.

3. Wash your car – Yes, wash your car to protect it from outside elements. Dust and dirt can easily build up so consider using a car cover if available. 

4. Check all vital fluids
 – I’m sure most of us fit in the category of those who forget to check the fluids of the vehicle. We urge you to make a note, even if you store it in your phone, to remind yourself to periodically check all vital fluids including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluids, and engine coolant. If any are low or lacking, replenish as necessary using fresh fluid.

5. Drive around the block – Start the engine or drive the vehicle from time to time. This reduces the chances of premature wear and tear to engine components, and it also prevents rust and corrosion from eating away your brake rotors. The idea is to allow the motor and transmission to warm up to its ideal operating temperature. This ensures all moving parts are properly lubricated to avoid premature wear and tear during cold starts.