2020 Can Still Be Your Year

BY De-Ann Smith Posted April 30, 2020

Don’t be discouraged because the year hasn’t necessarily gone to plan. We know it’s tough sticking to resolutions but it’s not your fault! Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and left many of us in a state of uncertainty. Some of our goals came to an abrupt and unpredicted halt. However, this is temporary, and this too shall pass. 

Although quarantine may not have been ideal, it may just be the push that some of us needed. 2020 can still be your year! How? Well by taking the simple steps below.

1. Be thankful
There’s no better way to remain positive about 2020 than to be first – thankful. Some have lost jobs and are going through tough times but as long as we have life, there’s hope. Some have lost their lives; we have another chance.

2. Temporarily shift focus
If quarantine or temporary national restrictions prohibits you from reaching your initial 2020 goals, temporarily shift your focus. Do something you love but rarely get the time to do. Research and learn more about your goals or try something new.

3. Learn a new skill

Why not? Learn to bake or sew clothes. Experiment with the tools you’ve bought but never used. You never know what new skill can bring you income, or even shift your goals when we get back to some type of normalcy.

4. Relax
Yes, relax. How can you make 2020 your year by relaxing? Well, a rejuvenated you is a creative you and a more focused you. Use the downtime to relax because burnout is too real.

5. Set budgets
We must look at our spending. Covid-19 taught us that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. We must prepare for the future. Feel free to speak with one of our advisors to find out how you can budget one of our financial solutions for a more secure tomorrow.

6. Improvise
Some goals require you to be flexible in your approach. If you had a fitness goal this year, for example, there are many ways you can still achieve it, without going to the gym. Be creative! Follow your favourite fitness trainers on social media. You can also google or go on YouTube for home workouts.

7. Set up social media for business
Covid-19 has exposed the need for us to be more open to the digital world. You’re home and your faithful clients may not be able to reach you. Don’t get left behind in this new technological wave. Set yourself up for success and continue to connect with clients and bring in new ones by setting up an account for your business to stay connected.

We can still do this! We are in this together.