Give your portfolio a more competitive edge. Choose fixed-income investments with an attractive rate of return. Repurchase agreements are similar to Certificate of Deposits in that they pay a fixed rate based on a fixed investment period. The principal is secured by the underlying government or corporate security. With a Repo, your funds are invested at an agreed upon rate for a fixed period of time with a specified maturity date. At maturity, full payment of the initial investment plus the interest is available to you. Sagicor Investment offers repos in the following currencies:

  • Trinidad and Tobago dollar
  • United States dollar


Key Benefits

  • TT$60,000, US$10,000; opens your account
  • Flexible terms from 30 days to 1 year
  • Get our highest rate when you open a one-year repo
  • Monthly statements available
  • Reinvest the interest payments to the matured principal or have it deposited into your personal bank account
  • Automatic renewal options available
  • Competitive fixed interest rates—within the investment period

Funds invested in a repo are not deposits and not covered by the Deposit Insurance Corporation.


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