To sustain productivity within your organisation, it is important to provide your employees with attractive benefits especially during these critical and stressful times. It is vital that your team feels valued and as significant as the individuals to whom they are providing a service. A company who implements an insurance program for their employees also exhibits that they are concerned about their wellbeing and their family’s security.
Providing Protection for your employees
At Sagicor, our Group Life and Health products are designed to keep you and your employees protected and health! Or CariCARE™ Enterprise and CariCARE™Advantage programmes offer you choice and flexibility. With the CariCARE™ Advantage Programme, which caters to businesses with more than eleven employees, customisation of the group plan is easy.
For the smaller business with five to ten employees, group plans can also be developed under the CariCARE™ Enterprise Programme.
Group Life
Life Insurance is an excellent addition to any employee’s benefit packages. Sagicor’s Group Life Insurance products are designed specifically to provide peace of mind and financial protection to an employee and his/her immediate family, in the event of his/her untimely passing.
Life Insurance benefits can be used to cover any funeral and final expenses or help assist with providing a replacement for a family’s income. Group Life Insurance Coverage may be enhanced by the addition of Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Optional Life, Dependent Life and Critical Illness Coverage.
Life Coverage reduces by 50% at age 66 and terminates at age 70. There is no coverage after retirement.
Group Life coverage may be offered as follows:
  • A flat benefit for each employee e.g. $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000
  • A percentage of Salary e.g. 100%, 200%, 300% or 400% of the employee’s basic annual salary.
Group Health
The many advances in modern medicine are simply astounding. We have treatments, diagnostics, and devices that we could not have imagined 20 years ago.
With the proper health insurance, you can ensure that you and your loved ones have access to the best care available. Sagicor’s Group Health products is what you need to cover your costs in the case of serious medical illness, dental procedures, and vision care.
How the Group Health Product Works
The Sagicor Group Health plan provides benefit, within certain parameters, in the event of medical illness. Dental and vision, offered together, can be added to the medical benefit as an option. The product is available for persons between 18 and 60 and provides coverage to the insured’s spouse and children up until age 66.
However, if the Group has retiree benefit coverage it continues up to age 99, or termination of the Group or when the major medical maximum is fully utilised.


Aruba Health Plan- Classic and Premium


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Group Life and Health Insurance issued by Sagicor Life Inc, a member of the Sagicor Group of Companies. The product options offered are health insurance and does not provide life insurance coverage or accumulates cash values or savings. In order for the employee to receive the benefit of the CariCARE™