What's Next ?


Covid-19 put a halt to some of our plans but we’re all slowly trying to get back on track. What’s Your next step? That’s the question for many of us.

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World Environment Day


Understanding the environment and the science behind how living organisms contribute positively or negatively to its health can be intimidating. What we can’t ignore, is the reality of climate change especially in the Caribbean region, with the increased activity during hurricane season. Within the hurricane season itself, if we are not taking care of our environment, we risk flooding at higher rates.

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Hurricane Season Is Knocking At The Door


What an unexpected year we’ve had so far in 2020. As we continue to roll with the punches and battle through the storm that is Covid-19, we must prepare ourselves for more storms likely to come. Hurricane season is knocking on our doors here in the region and we have one question:

Are You Prepared?

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5 Quarantine Car Care Tips!


Cars were made to be driven; so, with our cars sitting idly in the driveway, the question is: “Do I need to do anything with my car since it’s not in use?” The answer is yes. We want that when we need to go out for essential needs or when we can finally roam freely again that our cars can at least start! Here are 5 tips to help you keep your car in tip top shape while in quarantine.

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Let’s Island together Series: The Sun Still shines


This week we’re asking you to get up, stretch, get some fresh air and snap a picture of the sunrise or sunset where you are! If you’re still quarantined at home then just take a step outside! If you’re allowed to be on the beach or elsewhere, then take it from there too! Share with us and we’ll share some of your submissions every Monday.

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2020 Can Still Be Your Year


Don’t be discouraged because the year hasn’t necessarily gone to plan. We know it’s tough sticking to resolutions but it’s not your fault! Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and left many of us in a state of uncertainty. Some of our goals came to an abrupt and unpredicted halt. However, this is temporary, and this too shall pass. 

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