Ways To Edutain The Kids

BY De-Ann Smith Posted April 09, 2020

Having the kids at home is a task for many during quarantine! This is especially so for persons still working from home. Though the change is great to catch up on quality time with family, adjustments can also prove to be challenging. How do you keep your child educated and entertained? We’ll share some of those ways with you.
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Ways To Edutain Your Kids
Find online resources – google is your friend! Find websites like National Geographics and online materials to help keep their minds active. 

Subscribe to fun and educational YouTube channels – Who doesn’t like YouTube?

Read a book – Let them read aloud to you or read with them

Play board games – Board games are fun and can include the entire family. It helps with memory and forces everyone to think

Bake cupcakes or cookies – Baking is something fun to do and it’s yummy at the end!

Watch a movie – Watch your favourite movies again or choose a family friendly series everyone enjoys. That way you can look forward to new episodes each week. 

Exercise – Keep moving! Find something quick and easy to do in the house or in the yard. Laying or sitting all day isn’t healthy and trying to stay healthy is the reason we’re inside!

Compete in challenges – Make up fun things to enjoy together. There are many challenges going around on the internet. Join in!

Teach them something new – This could be anything from how to do a specific task for themselves of something fun like cooking an easy, simple meal.

Let them help around the house – Chores still need to be done. With everyone home, there’s greater possibility for a mess. Teach them to do chores as well as clean up after themselves.

Remember, your job as a parent is to help them feel safe during this time, show them ways to cope and reassure them. If the transition is difficult for you as an adult, imagine how it is for them. Stay tuned to our page for more help!