Business transformation key to Sagicor’s current and future success

February 24, 2022

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The current and future success of Sagicor is and will continue to be driven by the company’s commitment to continually change and adapt to the prevailing environment. 

This from Robert Trestrail, President and CEO of Sagicor Life Inc, as he spoke to over 1,500 team members across the leading insurance and financial institution’s Southern Caribbean operations during their recent annual, regional team meeting. 

Held virtually for the third consecutive year due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s theme for “Ignite” was “A.C.T”, an acronym for Achieve, Commit, Thrive. Trestrail argued that for Sagicor to achieve its goals and ambitions, team members must commit to the journey, both personally and professionally, in order for all stakeholders to thrive and enjoy the benefits of their efforts.  

He made the point that these three areas are very much in reach as long as the company and its team members remain focused on the needs and demands of the market, clients and all other stakeholders.

“Despite being 181 years old and the Caribbean’s largest insurance and financial institution, we must not rest on our laurels and be comfortable with the level of success achieved thus far. But how do we improve to ensure the realisation of our goals? We must continue to commit to transforming our operations in the areas that are needed to take us forward”, said the President and CEO. 

“Over the years we have been able to change and adapt, moving from a single line, paper-based institution to an organisation of automated and underwritten products, a full suite of simplified issue automated products, electronic commerce and comprehensive online applications and virtual portals for doing business” stated Trestrail. 

The veteran insurance executive commended team members for their resolve and ability to embrace change, especially over the past two years. “The unpredictability of the global and regional environment, economies and societies as a result of the ongoing pandemic; unforeseen events such as volcano eruptions and out of season hurricanes; along with personnel and operational changes within the company, have all forced us to make adjustments”, he said. “Change is embedded in our DNA and without change, death and decay set in.”

Trestrail concluded by saying that as the pandemic begins to transition to an endemic, Sagicor must again prepare to embrace change. “As economies across the region begin to return to more normal operations and become fully open, there is no doubt that market demands will continue to evolve in response to current and evolving needs of individuals and businesses, following an evaluation of the impact of the pandemic on their lives and performance. Over the last two years we have seen these demands and needs evolve rapidly month by month, resulting in the rollout of new products, services and convenient channels for doing business with Sagicor. This is certain to continue at an even more rapid pace as technology keeps evolving, and we at Sagicor intend to stay ahead of the curve.”