Just checking in!

BY De-Ann Smith Posted March 30, 2021

Hi. How are you?

We at Sagicor want to check in with you! We’ve been on a wild ride over the last year and we’re still holding on. Our personal lives have changed and the way we do business have changed. Some of us are working from home and some of us are homeschooling/babysitting. We’re proud of how far you’ve come and we’re proud to say that we’ve been working and still working on walking through this journey with you and making it as smooth as possible for you. Some of you are thinking “what’s next?” Let Sagicor help you with your next steps on getting your life back on track as we all aim to secure our future against the unexpected. 

Are you interested in:

Saving for Retirement
Owning Your Own Home
Investing for the Future
Retirement Planning
Protecting your health
Protecting your family
Saving for your child’s education

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