Sagicor advances digital thrust

April 13, 2022

Even before the events of March 2020 ushered in unprecedented changes to how the business world operated, Sagicor was a step ahead digitally, with the launch of its mobile app in 2018 to its revamped website in August 2019, which saw an immediate 25% increase in web traffic.

Since then, the company has continued to embrace technology, knowing that its continued competitiveness in today’s business environment is dependent on remaining technologically agile. 

Cathy-Ann Beckles, manager, digital and social media marketing, Sagicor Life Inc, said, “Sagicor has focused on its digital platforms because we recognised that the needs of the future consumer have changed. People want information on the go and they want to be able to get the service they need in the shortest possible timeframe. Our digital strategy was driven by three main factors: mobility, convenience and speed.”

With this strategy in mind, the insurance company launched its eConnect virtual client experience platform last year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing anyone to book a virtual appointment. On this platform, clients can interact with a Sagicor team member as it relates to investments, health insurance, life insurance, mortgages, or retirement planning. These 30-minute appointments are free to the public, with days and times that suit persons and their busy lifestyles. 

Beckles said, “In 2022, Sagicor plans to roll out improvements to its mobile app, WhatsApp channel and website. We want to focus on driving more people to use our online channels while at the same time providing the help and support they need. SIA – the Sagicor Intelligent Assistant is a chat bot on our WhatsApp channel, and she currently provides 24/7 support to our clients. This year we are working to improve her interaction and intuitiveness. One of the most  frequently asked questions on our social media channels is “Can I get a quote?” By introducing more quote generators on the website, we will also allow clients to be able to make purchasing decisions faster from the comfort of home.”

Of course, none of these systems would be complete without easy ways to pay premiums, whether using the Sagicor GO mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google stores or online client portal to over 50 SurePay locations. 

Beckles said that clients have taken advantage of all Sagicor’s digital channels, particularly, with the app. “In 2021, we saw a 30% increase in usage of our Sagicor GO mobile app after the introduction of online payments.”

Her aim is to continue to champion the cause for digital evolution and to ensure Sagicor aligns its strategic priorities with the data it receives from its various online channels. “I believe that the technology will continue to drive the innovation in the insurance industry. For example, insurance companies in the Caribbean and worldwide have adopted the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline their customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) will also play a major role in the expansion of the industry. Insurers can use the data produced by these connected devices to respond in real-time to the needs of their customers.”

She asserts that the post-pandemic consumer will have drastically higher expectations, so companies need to pivot their strategies. “Companies will need to effectively employ the use of technology and new customer engagement touchpoints to move past merely surviving to thriving as they move into the future.”

Cathy-Ann Beckles, manager, digital and social media marketing, Sagicor Life Inc