Sagicor, UWTT support nation’s youth

September 23, 2021

Insurance leader Sagicor has once again provided support to United Way Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) for its National Time of Caring Project for primary schools in high-need communities.  Phase I of this programme commenced in 2020 and resulted in 15 schools receiving support to facilitate remote learning during the ongoing pandemic.

This year, Phase 2 will continue to improve readiness at these 15 schools in preparation for a rotating system of in-person and remote schooling. The objectives of this phase are to improve the connectivity capacity of the schools, improve ventilation in learning spaces, provide ongoing support for handwashing, mask wearing, physical distancing as well as increase capacity for paper packages.

Keston Howell, president and CEO of Sagicor General Insurance, said, “Our first Prime Minister believed that ‘to educate was to emancipate’ and that ‘the future of the nation is in the children’s school bag’. While Eric Williams didn’t envision our current predicament, he understood the value of a good education and the role it can play in changing individual and societal circumstances. While the pandemic has normalised virtual schooling, Sagicor recognises that in- person interaction among teachers and students is an integral aspect of learning, particularly as it relates to the social and emotional development of our children. Returning to the physical classroom is essential and UWTT is working hard to support these schools so they can be ready to welcome students in an enhanced learning environment when their doors reopen.”

Head of UWTT Dr Jennifer Sancho agreed. She said, “UWTT advocates for a return to in-person school, especially for younger children once the appropriate safety protocols are in place. We started our support for the to the National Time of Caring Project in 2020 and have continued into 2021 with the objective of assisting these schools to be better prepared to facilitate Blended Learning. Blended learning is an approach that leverages both digital tools and face-to-face instruction and is built on the premise that students will be attending classes in school buildings. The project will support the safe return of approximately 5,000 students to in-person schooling.  There is no doubt that additional resources are required to prepare schools for this new blended learning model, particularly in communities of need.  UWTT thanks Sagicor for their long-standing partnership, as it is through such collective efforts and social investment in projects like these that we can begin to actively address the learning loss our children suffer as we move to recovery.”

United Way Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) works to transform lives by bringing together people and financial resources in the common cause of caring. Interested persons can learn how you can further support UWTT by visiting their website as well as for more information on the project.  

President and CEO of Sagicor General Insurance, Keston Howell, presents Dr Jennifer Sancho, CEO of United Way Trinidad and Tobago, with a cheque to support Phase 2 of their National Time of Caring Project for primary schools in high-need communities, a programme started last year.