Make A Resolution You Can Keep

BY De-Ann Smith Posted February 10, 2022
We’re still at the beginning of the year! Let’s start our year off right by ensuring that we are fully protected. Since 2020, we see that it’s impossible to plan for everything life throws at us. However, what we can do, is take the necessary steps to minimize the potential risks we may face. Our families and loved ones are worth taking the extra step for. 

So, how can we get ahead in 2022? Make a resolution you can keep in 2022!

Home Insurance 

Are You storm ready? No? It’s not too early to get your house in order. For the past few years, we’ve been caught off guard by early storms, hurricanes, volcano ash and more. We can’t forget fires, flooding and the unfortunate possibility of theft. We need to keep our families covered! Don’t leave your biggest asset uninsured or underinsured in 2022. 

Contents Insurance 

Yes, your house is covered but what about your household items and personal possessions? In the unfortunate event of a fire or flood damages your home, property insurance will take care of the structure. Who will take care of all the valuables you lost? Think about all the presents you bought the kids for Christmas not that long ago. What about the brand-new furniture you bought for the wife and the new TV you bought to watch your favourite sports? Contents insurance helps you to recover your possessions. 

Car Insurance 

We all know the law requires us to have car insurance. Protect yourself, loved ones and other motorists by ensuring you uphold the law and get insured. Getting your car insured isn’t just only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. Accidents happen every day. You can choose between a third-party insurance policy which covers the basics or a comprehensive insurance policy to give you full coverage.