Striking Galactic Gold - Sagicor Celebrates Success With Corporate Awards

April 24, 2021

Via Gleaner Jamaica 

The united refrain — 'Sagicor strong' — echoed in the virtual world as Sagicor Group Jamaica hosted its annual corporate awards ceremony on Wednesday.

The glamour of galactic gold was streamed over all the company's social media platforms as specially invited guests and team members islandwide turned on their cameras, and filled the gold carpet with fabulous and dapper displays of fashion.

The heads of the Mitchell family, Tami Chin Mitchell and Wayne Mitchell, hosted the evening's proceedings, held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel. The golden goddess and her knight in 'suited' armour brought both chemistry and synergy to the broadcast. Alongside the dynamic duo was the lovely Debbie Bissoon, who controlled the live stream and kept the virtual audience engaged, giving away prizes for participation.

After a heart-warming address from the group's president, Christopher Zacca, it was time to journey through the riveting awards ceremony. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of last year's staging, the event functioned as a two-in-one celebration. This meant recognising the hard work, dedication and success for the years 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021.

Among the awardees for the grand occasion were the Holborn Spartans, who received the Michael Fraser Trophy two years in a row. The Danny Williams Award went to the nine-time winner, Serena Chin. Brandon Ferguson of the Corporate Circle Branch earned the Number One Sales Adviser Award for 2020-2021. And Loeri Robinson won the award for Outstanding Female Adviser at the Holborn Branch for 2019 to 2020.

Sagicor Bank CEO Chorvelle Johnson was on location in the ballroom to receive the award for Best New Business Initiative. The audience remained in high spirits, cheering on team members as they graciously accepted their awards.

Sagicor Group Philanthropic Award for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 went to branches Ocho Rios and Savanna-la-Mar, respectively. And the Best Performing Team Award was given to the Sagicor Investment Wealth and Corporate Relationship Management team.

Following the awards segment, lovers rock specialist Romain Virgo took the stage to entertain the audience. From there, Marc Chin of Coppershot kept the good vibe flowing with a mini online party.

All in all, the live broadcast proved that it not only pays to give it your all in such an unprecedented time, but it is also appreciated. It is for that reason that the group remains 'Sagicor strong'.

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