Home Sweet Home with Sagicor Bank

September 26, 2022

Via Jamaica Observer

A happy home is way more than just a beautiful building – it’s the rich chorus of laughter coming from the dining table; the thoughtfully curated flowers that light up each room and the warm scents of home-cooked meals emanating from the kitchen. With this in mind, Sagicor Bank feted some of its mortgage clients to a new homeowner’s dream over the weekend – a masterclass in home décor and entertaining etiquette with award-winning chef and caterer Jacqui Tyson. Held at the Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen in Liguanea, St Andrew, clients participated excitedly in the workshop which included lessons on fine dining, floral arrangements with real and synthetic blooms, drink mixing, teatime, and charcuterie board arrangement.

Damion Hylton Sagicor Bank’s Senior Vice President – Retail & Payments, said this initiative was designed to help homeowners to enjoy the best of their new homes.
“At Sagicor Bank, we pride ourselves on always being in our clients’ corner, and for our mortgage clients, that relationship continues long after they have made their big move of a home purchase. We know that a house alone is not a home – it’s the moments shared in the households that matter. We are happy to assist our clients in making more magical moments,” Hylton said.

“The session was amazing,” Tyson said. “It was about engaging the homeowners and letting them know that the things that we see anywhere in the world, we can have them all in our own homes – it’s just a matter of knowing how to create it, especially since people are doing so much more at home than we used to.”

In addition to the satisfaction of making and partaking in their own signature drinks and snacks during the late morning workshop, attendees were further treated to lunch courtesy of Sagicor Bank, and giftboxes containing charcuterie boards, knives, wines and fragrant candles to begin their stylish home hosting journeys. Clients also received gift certificates valued at $10,000 each towards their children’s Sagicor Bank Star Savers accounts. With a wealth of new knowledge in mind and freshly made floral arrangements and giftboxes in hand, each client left the workshop eager to transform their house into home, sweet home.