Sagicor Group Champions Diversity and Inclusion with the latest Episode of the “People First” Podcast.

BY Shane G. Bennett Posted August 17, 2022

Sagicor Group Champions Diversity and Inclusion with the latest Episode of the “People First” Podcast.

In keeping with the organization’s goal to to be loved by the team, Sagicor continues to champion diversity and inclusion with the latest instalment of its team-member-focused Podcast “People First”.

Under the theme “Culture Connection”, a panel discussion, ranging from the Silent Generation to Millennials, team members spoke glowingly about what it’s like to work in a varied workforce.

Hosted at the company’s SAGE Hub, which fosters team training and development, the series forms part of the company’s overall goal to promote professional growth for all staff.

Here are some lessons:

Pursue personal health across all areas - mental health, wealth, fitness, vacation etc., more whatever generation you may fall, without it there will be tension with working relationships.

Listen with the intent to learn - with all generations, varied perspectives and experiences shape their outlook on work. Each generation should seek to mentor at all levels (insert comma) to learn about the strengths of each other and how they can be used to move the company forward.

Purse passions along with Goals - For most millennials who have external side projects, their ultimate goal is safety and security based on what they love. Always ensure that your 9-5 is aligned with the passions you love.

Recognize Your Team Often - Of note with the team members is a continuous desire to be recognized, communicate and empower the team to do jobs within a guided timeframe.

Make An Impact - As the variety of the workplace grows, each generation was inspired to make an impact. Known for creativity and innovation, the company and its subsidiaries now have a host of skillsets that can move the company forward.

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