My Top 5 Picks from SAGE Network

BY Andre Wayne- Guest Blogger Posted May 11, 2022

The launch of Sagicor’s SAGE Network has catapulted the company to the forefront of corporate innovation in no uncertain terms. Boasting 100% local content on the first streaming platform of its kind in Jamaica, SAGE delivers exclusive Sagicor produced offerings that include feature series, performance events, motivational seminars and business related stories. There is also a collaboration between Sagicor and the Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) which sees short films and other productions streaming conveniently to subscribers on the platform. This game-changing partnership provides a direct audience for the diverse talent within the local film industry to showcase their creative work.


With lots of great content to enjoy, here are my Top 5 Picks from SAGE Network:

#1 Sagicor Motivational Seminar

The motivational section of the platform was my first stop as it provides a variety of inspirational content, among which appears the Sagicor Motivational Seminar. This bi-annual event is all about encouraging the company’s team members and features motivational sessions from renown local and international speakers, engaging events, team meetings and world class entertainment. I completely enjoyed the engaging, heartfelt speaker presentations and high impact entertainers. The seminars left me feeling energised, motivated and inspired to pursue even greater success. This section is worth watching so enjoy and be sure to bookmark it!

#2 Trading Desk

Already in its third season, Trading Desk can be found in the business section of the platform and features free expert stock trading advice from the wealth professionals at Sagicor Investments. I was eager to learn, at the click of a mouse, which stocks to watch then decide which ones I should invest in. I would encourage anyone serious about wealth to watch this series and gain the insight that will guide you in building your portfolio. I found this suite of programmes very helpful and cannot wait to see future episodes. Don't miss this section, where you can learn more about how to invest wisely for a stronger financial future.

#3 JAFTA Block

The platform’s JAFTA Block section was, for me, the most anticipated section of the platform since it has a collection of short films that showcase the very best of Jamaica’s local film and television industry talent. It was here that I found documentaries, comedies and dramas all locally produced and presented through Sagicor’s partnership with the Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA). These highly entertaining, well-produced motion pictures are great for the whole family to enjoy. More significantly, it represents the first time such a collection of Jamaican-made movies are available for free streaming globally on any platform. Start watching today!

#4 Sagicor Bank Blue Chair Series

Located in the business section of the platform, I found this series very interesting to watch as it introduces small business owners who are making a huge difference in their respective sectors, thanks to Sagicor Bank. Over the course of three seasons, you will meet and hear stories of entrepreneurship where visions were either brought to life or enhanced through Sagicor Bank’s range of products tailored for small businesses. If you are a budding entrepreneur, then you don't want to miss these episodes which offer lessons in pursuing and achieving the dream of business ownership with the right banking partner.

#5 I Live To

This 'must watch' series can be found in the motivational section of the platform and is a celebration of the determination that drives the human spirit. I was moved and inspired by the Sagicor Life clients who are featured, each sharing their own personal story of the importance of insurance for everyone. Hearing them talk of their individual medical struggle and the remarkable support provided by their insurer, Sagicor, was a reminder of how crucial it is to be insured. Getting the medical care you need when you need it most has to be a life priority. Watching this series may make you reflect on that and ensure your medical care and that of your families are secure, should any unforeseen challenge arise. Start streaming this now!

BONUS- Spending Time Shaping Lives

It was hard to choose only five top picks because SAGE Network has so much to enjoy! I must however add one more top pick to this list which can be found under the community section of the platform: the Spending Time Shaping Lives series. This particular offering highlights the programmes and initiatives that continue to care for, serve and inspire communities across Jamaica through the Sagicor Foundation. Currently in its fifth season, the episodes feature a wide range of amazing stories, all of which are enjoyable, about the impactful, philanthropic efforts of Sagicor including the highly popular Sigma Run. I really enjoyed watching this and you will too.

SAGE Network by Sagicor has truly revolutionised how we are consuming content and I thoroughly enjoyed how easily I navigated the platform to see and hear the many perspectives of the Jamaican story. I can't wait to binge-watch the rest of the programmes and hope that you too will enjoy this transformative innovation from Sagicor Jamaica. Subscription is FREE so sign up today at