Finding The Answer - Wealth Advisor Builds On Her Personal Pursuits During the Lockdown

BY Shane Bennett Posted March 08, 2021

Tashana Smith is admittedly afraid of heights.  


This fear may not subside anytime soon, but that has not stopped her from taking a leap.


In 2020, coupled with the challenges she saw in getting great coverings for her hair and statement accent pieces, she launched two weekend start-ups; one for the hair, the other for the home.


Smith, a wealth advisor, attached to Dominica Drive, is a newbie to entrepreneurism, like her clients, with her risk appetite intact, she set out on a journey during the lockdown that has since changed her life. She owns and operates Elegant Finishes Jamaica, hand crafted pieces to add character to your space and Satin Bonnets Jamaica, providing fashionable satin sleepwear.


How It Started

At the time I sought to have a few platter boxes made to start my (make-shift) back yard garden. I happened by my local furniture guy; he was kind enough to supply the raw material from his scrap wood; when he started, I asked if I could give it a try since I was doing more than one”, she recalls.


A hectic workload per usual, in remembering what her journey into entrepreneurship has been, this Sade, Shenseea and Rihanna stan notes “It has it’s challenges it’s just to find the right balance”.


From platter boxes to console tale, she does it all using her weekends to complete DIY projects. Since posting a few pictures on Instagram at the start of her new field, she started receiving orders and has not looked back.


Home Grown

A flair for creativity, this plant mom sees her mother as her role model, and is currently pursuing a course in interior design.


This goes along with her love for nature and things of beauty. Smith revealed that in her spare time when not working on her business, she “loves the rush of jumping from heights or just being in the air parasailing or paragliding.


After fun, its back to focus and delivering well for her customers.


The customer centric approach, she believes has allowed her to build on her dream; “our clients are the reason we are able to do what we do and the aim is to exceed their expectations!


Currently supported by her network of family, friends, co-workers she has no plans to slow down.


Though her end-goal is to one day become the go-to homeware purveyor and stylist, she currently enjoys giving practical financial advice to her client list here at Sagicor Investments.


In the future, Tashana says, she may even open a restaurant.


To learn about Elegant Finishes and Satin Bonnets and to make an order, click the link below. To see more of the exceptional work of our team members, check out our LinkedIn page.


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