Tun yu han mek Fashion: DIY for Christmas

Posted December 14, 2021

“Tun yu han mek Fashion: DIY for Christmas

As the song says, “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year”. Even those who do not celebrate it, admit to feeling the spirit of togetherness and love that permeates the air during Christmas time. With less time to shop due to curfew restrictions and for some families less money to spend, we can, as we say in Jamaica – “tun yu han mek fashion” or in standard English – Do It Yourself (DIY) to make your home Christmas ready. 
We have curated some Do It Yourself ideas for you:
1. Curtains – One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is to simply change your curtains. Fresh curtains or drapes allow rooms to come together easily. New curtains are great but old curtains freshly laundered will bring a sense of new in the space. You can also spruce up an old curtain by adding a border of a different shade that complements the colour for a new feel. Making your own tiebacks is also a great way to jazz up simpler curtains.

2. Boil spices for fragrance – There is nothing more welcoming than the scents associated with the holidays. Throw on a pot of water and add lemon, cinnamon and peppermint and pour in little jars around the house. You may also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to distilled water and baking soda for a fresh scent.

3. Add a festive vibe to your entryway – make your guests feel welcome as they enter your home with warm Christmas colours of red and green. Put away the décor you have had up all year and add some candles to your entry table and fill a vase with foliage from your garden for a festive feel. 

4. Can’t afford a Christmas tree? Create your own using bamboo or small driftwood and place in a pot and you have your own tree. See a simple method below

Use two long pieces and join with cord or hot glue gun if you can find one. Use a thin length of wire to support and then lay out the crosswise twigs. Starting at the top, cut two short twigs of equal length and lay side by side. Repeat and cut two more, slightly longer, a finger space below the first two. Continue, with the twigs gradually getting longer, until you have two triangular shapes, but leave enough trunk to push into a pot. Fix the cut twigs on to the trunk, working on one side first with a hot glue gun, according to the original layout. Cool, turn over and repeat. 
You can purchase Christmas tree décor and create a centerpiece with a tray for your dining table. You can mirror this around the house and bring the cheer in all your rooms.

5. Use up your mason jars and get cooking. Christmas is a time for giving and what better gifts to give than the ones you make yourself. Bake some cookies or make jams and wrap jars with burlap and use a red or green ribbon to tie at the top. 

Finally, get cleaning! Nothing beats a clean house! Do the spring cleaning now for a fresh feel all over. Christmas is about good food, good people, good vibes, and despite protracted incomes and pandemic blues, we can still feel the and share the spirit of Christmas with some affordable and easy do it yourself tricks to make your home happy and spread the joy of the holidays.

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Written by: 

 Coleen Antoinette



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