Brandon Grant – Girl Dad On A Mission

BY Shane Bennett Posted April 20, 2022

Brandon Grant – Girl Dad On A Mission

Brandon is the guy you call when you need anything done – we mean that. In preparation for his Team Member of the year nomination, we sat down with him, amidst his gruelling work schedule at Facilities Management for a chat. Here’s what he had to say:


Sagicor: This is a very physically demanding job; how do you relax and cope after work?

BG: Have a few drinks on the weekend, chill with friends and family and exercise. Work hard play even harder.


Sagicor: You seem to always be in demand!  Any work rituals to prepare for work you’d like to share?

BG: I write a to-do-List for each day and try to manage the time in which to get each task done while allowing time for impromptu jobs…and I’ll work late if needed to get the job done.


Sagicor: You’re very meticulous when you work, former chess player? What games are your picks?

BG: My game is basketball in which the position I play requires attention to detail to be successful, so I think that shows in my work.


Sagicor: What is the hardest lesson you’ve come to accept in your career journey?

BG: To not get comfortable in any given position but try to evolve so as to be rounded, that I can be given any task in any capacity and I will still perform at the highest.


Sagicor: What’s the one piece of advice you’d given your 10-year-old self after all you’ve accomplished?

BG: When you discover your talent work on it and be focused and disciplined. Also, make the best of every opportunity presented to you and take no lesson learnt for granted.


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