#TeamMemberTuesday - Aldane Milton - The Consummate Optimist

Posted September 30, 2020

Meet Aldane Milton.

This father of three has had much success in his journey since he joined us in 2006.

A diligent and consummate optimist, he has held several junior and managerial posts, creating an invaluable legacy for many across the Group to emulate.

As he rose to each post, Aldane, skilled in the areas of programming has been instrumental in the development of customized tools and applications which continue to provide greater business efficiencies for Sagicor within the Shared Services Information Technology Department. His cooperative spirit, positive work attitude and knowledge of the job have contributed  to his development as an extremely competent and effective team member winning numerous "Employee of The Month" awards, testaments to his dedication and zeal. 

In 2013 he won both the Company's two highest awards Sagicorian and Team Member of the Year (Jamaica).

Mentorship and Growth

Social involvement and volunteerism are additional hallmarks of Aldane's passion as is demonstrated by his participation in the Company's Leadership Council programme. He has also serves as a facilitator for Human Resources Customer Centric Training Courses and as assistant captain for his unit's football team,  the SSIT Strikers. His external community engagement included being a volunteer Math teacher to many underprivileged students, and a youth Resident Sports Coordinator.  A mentor to young men from August Town, he now sits as the Assistant Vice President, Group Shared Services I.T., leading a team of software engineers in Jamaica and Barbados. 

As the Head of Development for Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC Caribbean), he enables profitable sales & service through the creation of our innovative digital offerings such as Sagicor eLife and Sagicor Client Web.

 His philosophy is "While climbing a mountain, take note of all that you pass along the way, and never forget them, for as high as the mountain may be, it's important to remember that you are still standing on the ground" This he notes, is a tale of har work, reaching excellence and humility which are key indicators to an individual's success.

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