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Hurricane Season is Still Here


The year is soon over but the hurricane season is still upon us! We have one more month left, and we still need to prepare for the unexpected. It’s been a bit quiet since the historic Hurricane Dorian stamped his mark on our neighbours. Most of us by now have eaten all the hurricane snacks and drank the bottled water trying to hydrate in the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing.  

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Keep a Breast


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer according to, is a disease in which cells in the breasts grow out of control. It is the number 1 type of cancer in women across the world. Developed and less developed countries alike, are seeing an increase in diagnosed cases. Although there are certain risk factors that can contribute or heighten the risk of the disease, there is no identified cause.

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Are You Prepared This Hurricane Season?


Clearly someone forgot to tell mother nature that the Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1st!  This year, May 20th marked the unofficial start to the Hurricane season with the formation of the short-lived Subtropical Storm Andrea, south of Bermuda.  This was an important reminder that though the Hurricane season runs from June 1st, to the end of November, storms can form at any time of the year.

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5 Things to Do Before Hurricane Season


An old West Indian proverb says, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, so it is always best to prevent and where that is not possible, to mitigate against, damage which could be caused by the passage of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.  A good rule of thumb is to complete a personal audit, two to three months prior to the season, of what your immediate needs are for your family’s protection for the season. 

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Guide to Buying Your First Home


Buying your own property, whether a house, a condominium or just the land to build on, is one of the most significant and satisfying investments you’ll ever make. Owning your own home brings a sense of security that will mean a lot to you and your family.

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12 Tips for A Safe Christmas


Christmas is a very magical time of the year. The lights, decorations and celebrations for the young and young at heart. However amidst the joy and laughter of the season, we at Sagicor would like to provide you with 12 Essential Tips for Safety at the Holidays.

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