What Does Freedom Mean To You?


We at Sagicor, celebrate with Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and Barbados this month for their independence celebrations! Independence is often associated with the word freedom! Freedom to take care of yourself, freedom to make the best choices for yourself and family, freedom to live life the way you desire. 

As we celebrate this month with 3 of the islands in which we operate and serve, we’ve decided to look at the word freedom! What does freedom mean to you? Let’s tell you what it means to us.

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Keeping Our Eyes On The Storm – The Season Is Here


The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season has begun and it’s time to ask – What have hurricanes like Elsa, Dorian, Maria, and other notable hurricanes across the Caribbean region in the last 10 years have taught us? If we’re honest with ourselves, they showed us some vulnerabilities in our preparedness, as well as reinforced the importance of having our homes adequately insured. 

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Let's Talk Retirement Part 2


How do you imagine spending your retirement? Sagicor is here to guide you on not only the best way to start saving, but also to help you figure out how much you might need to enjoy the same quality of life you have now, throughout your retirement. If you missed it, catch up and read Let's Talk Retirement part 1 here! Now What next?

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Let's Talk Retirement


How do you imagine spending your retirement? Is it travelling the world? Lunch with old friends? An evening beach-side stroll? Spending your day with a round of golf? Well, this is the easy part of retirement planning. The hard part is knowing exactly how much money you’ll need, for the life your future self wants. 

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Make A Resolution You Can Keep


We’re still at the beginning of the year! Let’s start our year off right by ensuring that we are fully protected. Since 2020, we see that it’s impossible to plan for everything life throws at us. However, what we can do, is take the necessary steps to minimize the potential risks we may face. Our families and loved ones are worth taking the extra step for. So, how can we get ahead in 2022? Make a resolution you can keep in 2022!

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