Financial solutions for every stage of life
Meeting life’s challenges, whether on a personal or financial level, can be demanding. With so many factors to consider, it can often be difficult to understand what choices you have. That’s why Sagicor has this flexible product for policy holders in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. It will help you to enjoy the benefits of wise financial thinking for life.
What is Sagicor Life Solutions?
This plan offers a combination of two (2) insurance products: Life Protector and Term Life Insurance.

Life Protector **+
Should you choose to add critical illness coverage to your Sagicor Life Solutions plan, then the Life Protector is perfectly suited for you.
Term Life Insurance **
Term Life Insurance is a cost-effective way to solve any short-term financial needs you may have. Term Life policies provide you with great flexibility if your short term needs change.
Why Term Life
The Term Life Insurance component of Sagicor Life Solutions allows you:
  • an affordable way to get maximum coverage
  • to cover specific financial responsibilities like a mortgage or university expenses
  • to supplement your Permanent Life Insurance during periods when your coverage needs are higher.

Sagicor Life Solutions is one of the many solutions offered by Sagicor. Please ask a Sagicor Advisor how this product can be a part of a wise approach to your complete financial well-being.

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terms and conditions

**Both the Term Life Insurance and Life Protector are optional components of the Sagicor Life Solution Suite
+Life Solutions with savings - Savings can be combined with any of the life solutions components. The Interest rate is not guaranteed and will fluctuate