Safe Driving Tips

De-Ann Smith June 30, 2021

It’s that time of the year again! The bad weather has already started across the region and we encourage you to stay safe on the roads! 

Remember: Good driving starts before you start the car! To be at your optimum when driving, you should be alert, comfortable and safe. 

Here are some tips before you start driving

1. Driving intoxicated, fatigued or emotionally upset, may reduce your alertness and ability to make split-second decisions.  
2. Use your seat belt and be sure to also buckle up your children. 
3. Make all the necessary adjustments to your seat, the mirrors, steering wheel and head restraints before moving off.
4. Keep your insurance company up-to-date and informed about any changes, especially changes in persons expected to drive your vehicle.
5. Keep your wipers in tip top shape 

Here are some tips for the road in rainy weather!
1. Increase your following distance
2. Slow down
3. Exercise caution
4. Turn on your headlights
5. Use both hands to maximise control
6. Avoid standing water
7. Pay attention to signs
8. Avoid distractions – i.e. – Do NOT text and drive!
9. Pull over and stop if you need to use your phone urgently