Executive Profile

Anneke Soedhoe
General Manager & Principal Representative Sagicor Life Inc Curaçao
Born in Suriname, Anneke Soedhoe graduated with distinction from the University of Suriname in Corporate, Criminal and International Law in 1984. Since then, she has received training and certification in tax, fiscal and corporate law, business management, governance, and marketing.
From 1984 to 1989, Anneke was a Public Prosecutor at the Attorney General’s office in Suriname, and was a jurist at a law firm in St Maarten, for three years.
In 1993, Anneke’s focus changed to fiscal law, when she joined an international financial services company (in Curaçao) as an Account Manager.  Anneke was promoted to the Board of Directors in 2002, where she ensured compliance to local and international legal, fiscal and financial laws and regulations.
As Managing Director in January 2007 until her departure in June 2009, she oversaw the overall business strategies to ensure the quality of all management, legal, fiscal, regulatory, compliance, commercial and administrative aspects of the organisation.
Due to the wealth of experience Anneke gained over the years, she started her own company in 2010, where she acted as the legal and management advisor to several firms in the private and public sector.
Anneke was appointed to the position of Principal Representative and General Manager of the Curaçao branch of Sagicor Life Inc, effective January 1, 2016.