“Wise Financial Thinking for Life” is far more than a tagline. It is the heart and soul of Sagicor, and summates why we do, what we do and how we do it. More importantly, it is the reason our clients choose Sagicor and stay with us.

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Sagicor’s business is based on long-term relationships with our clients who entrust us with their financial well-being. Through local expertise and in partnership with world-class asset managers and reinsurers, together with sound risk management practices, Sagicor is able to provide wise financial advice that meets the needs of its clients.
Sagicor’s wide range of financial solutions are designed to protect who you love and what you love.
Sagicor understands that when you truly love your family, your assets or your business, that it is only natural that you would wish to protect them in the best way possible. This is where Sagicor’s 179 years of experience and financial prudence becomes a trusted partner for all stakeholders. Whether one is interested in life insurance, annuities, investments or group and individual health, Sagicor has a wide range of financial solutions suited to every need.


As we move forward through challenging times in the economic life of our region and the rest of the world, Sagicor’s core business strategies will continue to provide a wide range of financial products and services, while focused on our vision, “To be a great company, committed to improving the lives of people in the communities in which we operate”.
In support of our vision, Sagicor provides financial and voluntary assistance, primarily in the areas of health, education, youth and community development and sports, to a wide range of organisations and institutions.



Sagicor has followed a carefully crafted business strategy, which has seen the company transform from a local single-line life insurance company to a financial services group with a solid regional base, before expanding into the international financial services market. Today, operating in 22 countries, including the USA and Latin America, Sagicor has total assets of US $7.3 billion, and $1.135 billion in equity. The Sagicor Group offers a wide range of products and services including life insurance, annuities and group and individual health, and has an insured base in the region of two (2) million.
Sagicor is a widely-held publicly-traded company with over 36,000 Shareholders, and is listed on the Toronto stock exchange.