Getting DrivePal is easy. Simply get an automotive quote, switch to Sagicor General and sign up for DrivePal. Our trained technicians will install the device in your vehicle. Then, when you drive, DrivePal will monitor your vehicle’s speed, braking, cornering and acceleration. Depending on your driving you will enjoy savings that are applied directly to your premium. Not only will DrivePal help you save, it will keep you safe too. DrivePal is linked to Sagicor General’s emergency SOS service meaning if something
unfortunate does happen you’ll enjoy improved accident response time by our SOS response team.
Anyone who drives. But DrivePal is especially beneficial to families with young drivers. A personalised online dashboard will allow you to monitor your driving habits and those of anyone driving your vehicle. By monitoring driving habits you can improve driving skills that will result in additional savings.

Please call your agent or contact us at 1 (246) 431-2800 or [email protected] for more information about our products! 


DrivePal savings are in addition to all other savings already offer by Sagicor General including the Sagicor
Life Policyholder discount, the Multi-Policy discount, the Multi-Vehicle discount and the No Claim discount. Add it all up and you could save up to $700 a year.
Your personal information is important to us. Therefore, your driving information will never be viewed by outside parties. It will only be used to assess the annual level of savings you receive through the DrivePal program and nothing else.


By agreeing to drive well you’re eligible to be part of the DrivePal program and receive substantially lower premiums. The DrivePal device then allows us to keep track of your driving to confirm that you’re driving well so that we can continue giving you lower premiums.  

Statistics have shown that avoiding speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and harsh acceleration will make you a better driver and decrease your likelihood of being involved in an accident.

The amount you’ll save will vary. Contact us for a quote and we’ll be able to tell you how much you’ll save.

There are no additional costs to participate in our DrivePal Program.

Yes. Once you sign up you’ll be issued a username and password that will allow you to log on to a website and keep track of your progress.

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