Safe Driving for Life

Sagicor encourages you to be safe. Don't Text and Drive!

Good driving starts even before you start the car. To be at your optimum when driving you should be alert, comfortable and safe. The following tips should help you to be a safer driver:

  • Make all the necessary adjustments to your seat, the mirrors, steering wheel and head restraints before moving off.
  • Drive defensively and avoid distractions for example avoid using a cellular phone while driving.
  • Overtake only if it is safe to do so.
  • Know when you have had one too many and designate a driver if you have.

Remember the five most common types of accidents:

  • Occur very close to the home
  • Involve rear-end collisions
  • Happen around bends or corners
  • Occur while turning right
  • Take place at a junction

It is important to keep your insurance company up-to-date and informed about changes in the value of the vehicle and the persons expected to drive it.

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  • Do Not Text and Drive Keep all of your attention on driving at all times – no multi-tasking. Don't use your phone or any other electronic device while driving.

  • Do Not Drink and Drive Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, which reduce your alertness. If you are intoxicated, fatigued or emotionally upset, you may not be able make the split-second decisions needed when driving.

  • Be Sure to Buckle Up. Use your seat belt, buckle up your children and use special child safety seats. Make all the necessary adjustments to your seat, the mirrors, steering wheel and head restraints before moving off.

  • Observe the Speed Limit Don't drive too fast - obey the speed limit, match your speed to traffic, road and weather conditions and to your driving ability.

Sagicor Offers Comprehensive Motor Insurance Solutions for You

Key Protector Motor Insurance

A safe driver not only wants protection for themselves, but they also wish to protect others as well. This one straightforward insurance plan offers the widest-possible coverage against an array of adverse, vehicle-related circumstances.

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DrivePal, powered by EasyTrak, is an innovative new technology that can help you save up to 35% more on your car insurance – depending on your driving habits. Best of all, DrivePal is free to anyone who insures their car with Sagicor General.

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