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The Sagicor Mutual Series

Invest in the Sagicor Mutual Series and create the future you have always dreamed of. Get 3% annual interest on your investment guaranteed. Call 800-SAGE (7243) or complete the form for more.


What is the Sagicor Mutual Series?

The Sagicor Mutual Series is a single-premium interest-only annuity. When you invest a principal sum of money over a three, five or seven-year period, you'll receive a fixed income at a fixed interest rate.

Whether you choose to receive interest payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, your interest rate will remain constant for the life of your contract. This means your interest rate is guaranteed until maturity

How does the annuity work?

Sagicor will pay a fixed interest rate, which will be determined by the amount invested. At maturity, the principal is returned to the client. Should the policyholder die before the maturity date the principal plus any interest accrued is paid to the beneficiary named by the policyholder.

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Some of the benefits of the Sagicor Mutual Series include:

  • The product is backed by a diversified pool of fixed income assets
  • The plan guarantees a principal sum and a fixed stream of income
  • Varying maturity terms to suit your investment needs

Other investment options

Sagicor has a range of products ideally suited to meet the investment needs of our clients.
Speak to a Sagicor advisor at 800-SAGE (7243).

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