Sagicor joins hands with Servol

November 20, 2022
Regional financial services entity Sagicor is pleased to partner with Servol Ltd, one of three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across the Caribbean that will benefit from its Helping Hands corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The partnership will encompass tangible and intangible support as prioritised by Servol, including the donation of  technology equipment.

Helping Hands was officially launched in September and saw the submission of over 250 applications from various charities across the region, during nominations held in June. After a careful selection process, The Deaf Heart Project in Barbados; Servol Life Centres, Trinidad and Tobago; and Lake Health and Wellness in St Kitts and Nevis were chosen to work with the insurer until year-end. 

Dexter Mc Knight, vice president, operations, for Sagicor General Insurance Inc, said, “Sagicor believes in living its vision every day. Matter of fact, that’s what we’ve decided to call our overall CSR programme, Living Our Vision Everyday, an acronym for L.OV.E. Servol has an important role in the Trinidad and Tobago community through its support of those who need it the most, helping young persons to become self-reliant members of society.”

Servol executive director Allison Haynes Basalo, said, “Sagicor’s support is timely. For us (Servol), it’s one more step toward the realization of full migration to digital technologies in the classroom.  Their collaboration with us provides the opportunity to advance plans to improve teacher/student and centre-to-centre communications capabilities.  This kind of progress now positions us to focus our sights on the possibility of completing the entire ICT digitization process by 2023.

“Added to that, Sagicor’s additional assistance with infrastructural upgrades and social interventions for some of our most vulnerable is also invaluable and, for us, is the truest reflection of what good corporate citizenship is about.”  

Servol is a community-based social impact agency focused on building the capacities of local communities to meet their needs through various human development programmes. The organisation focuses on early childhood care, life training development via its adolescent development programme, teacher training, education and skills training, and parent support via its Parent Outreach Programme.