Flood Relief - Property and Non-Motor Claims - What to Do

    Your safety and swift recovery is our top priority at Sagicor General Insurance.  Here are some tips to help you stay safe and return to regular daily life after the recent flood.
    What to do:
    1. Do not start your vehicle if it was involved in a flood.
    2. Have your vehicle cleaned as soon as possible if it was involved in a flood.
    3. Promptly report all claims, even minor ones. Do not speculate about the severity of the damages
    4. Take pictures of the damaged property, items and the surrounding areas including outside the premises 
    5. Keep all invoices/receipts to present for your claim
    6. For professional adjusting contact the claims department at 623- 4744
    If you have experienced any damages to your vehicle, property or contents, kindly visit our website at Sagicor.com to access our editable claim forms:
    o Key Protector Motor Insurance 
    o Third Party Motor Insurance 
    o General Claim Form

    All claim forms should be accompanied by copies/pictures of the following:
    o Estimate for Repairs
    o Value Added Tax (VAT) Letter or Certificate of Registration
    o Certified Copy of Ownership
    o Proof of Identity – Drivers Permit, National Identification Card or Passport
    o Police Report Receipt
    o Photos of the damaged vehicle/property

    Complete form and submit via email to [email protected]

    Should you require any additional assistance kindly contact your Sagicor representative or call 623-4744

    Sagicor General encourages you to stay safe during these adverse weather conditions.