Flood Relief - Property and Non-Motor Claims - What to Do

  1. Promptly report claims even minor ones.  Do not speculate about the severity of damages
  2. Take pictures of the damaged property, items and the surrounding areas including outside the premises
  3. Keep all invoices/receipts to present for your claim
  4. For professional adjusting contact the claims department at 623- 4744.  If you are unable to reach us you can contact the following adjusters:
    1. Armah  Adjusting  [email protected]   653-0628 657-4212
    2. Rodney Mahabal       620-4900             
    3. General Adjuster   [email protected]   652-0853 / 5310   657-0778
    4. Anthony Lewis   742-2960
    5. Anslem    799-0190
    6. Dion  781-4783
    7. Impartial Adjusting  [email protected]
    8. Alana   628-2494
    9. Mr. Belgrave   682-2173          
    10. Ibis Adjusting  [email protected]
    11. Mr. Jennings  341-1393 or   489-0775
  5. Claims forms can be collected from any one of locations or can be downloaded from our website Sagicor.com.  You can complete email to:  [email protected]
  6. Have as much your insurance information at hand (insured name, risk address, policy number)

      In addition to the above please be advised that you are still required to complete the required claim form and submit the necessary documents to our claims processing department.