Lease Financing

At Sagicor Finance Inc we recognize that our corporate clients are constantly concerned with maximizing profit; reducing cost; and, reporting an ever favourable balance sheet. As such we will continue to promote and provide an alternative option  to loan financing and/or owners own resources through the availability of a finance lease.


To assist you in determining the most suitable option for your business, we highlight a few benefits of a finance lease as follows:

  1. A residual value may be negotiated which may result in a lower monthly payment compared to that of a loan financed for the same priced vehicle
  2. Full (100%) financing is available (although a 10% security deposit may be required at managements discretion)
  3. All payments by the Lessee (client) are considered an expense which is tax deductible suggesting the potential for reduced taxation levels themselves higher than that of the profit opportunity afforded to the Lessor (SFI)
  4. The referred to lease expense is comparable to the associated depreciation and more advantageous the longer the lease term
  5. Cash-flows are improved since one’s own resources are not depleted such as in the case of loan or self financing
  6. Return on asset ratio may be better managed since the lease asset would remain the property of SFI
  7. Allows for better asset management as one’s fleet of vehicles may be replaced with subsequent finance leases without the associated frustrations incurred in asset disposal
  8. Allows for multiply vehicle options as the selection of a Dealer and type of vehicle is the choice of the Lessee

Required Documents

Sagicor Finance Inc will require the following information in order to process your application quickly:

  • Valid picture ID (2 forms) (National ID, Drivers’ License, or Passport) of Directors
  • Recent valuation /Sales Invoice written INO Sagicor Finance Inc. as the purchaser
  • Comprehensive Vehicle/Equipment Insurance {(including special perils) to be assigned}
  • Financial Statements (Audit & Management Accounts, Cash Flow Projections)
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Continuance/Good Standing
  • Bank references (confidential)
  • Proof of Address
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Identification of foreign or local company (company is local if at least 51% of shares is held by St. Lucian nationals)

For further information please contact one of our loan officers at 758-452-4272 or
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