Sagicor Foundation is the charitable arm of Sagicor Group Jamaica (SGJ) and is responsible for executing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and initiatives of the Group. SGJ is among the largest financial services conglomerate in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. The Group offers products and services in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Investments, Real Estate, Asset Management and Retirement Planning. Sagicor  Life  Jamaica  Limited  is  the  leading  Life  and  Health  insurance provider in  Jamaica; the Bank is one of Jamaica’s largest banks, and Sagicor Investments is one of the top Investments companies in the Country.   Sagicor Group Jamaica is a member of the wider Sagicor Financial Corporation. Sagicor Financial Corporation operates in over 20 countries and its operations date back to 1840.

The CSR programmes and initiatives are primarily focused in the areas of health and education, as at Sagicor, we strongly believe that these areas are fundamental to the total-wellbeing and development of our communities and by extension our country. 

Sagicor Group Jamaica’s vision is "To be a great company committed to improving the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate".

Sagicor Foundation’s tagline is Caring, Inspiring, Serving.

Sagicor Foundation reflects the core values of the Group and exists to further establish Sagicor Group Jamaica as a socially responsible brand by: 
Allowing greater access to education for our nation’s youth
Helping to create a healthy Jamaica by giving practical and tangible donations to the       health sector 
Supporting community initiatives

1. Health:
We will concentrate on supporting various established health related organisations and charities, as well as our private and public hospitals. In this area we will donate equipment and supplies to a variety of health related institutions.  This is done primarily through the fund raising efforts of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run.  Through the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run, the Sagicor Foundation galvanizes Corporate Jamaica and individuals to participate and contribute significantly to sustainable projects that focus on health related charities and institutions.
2. Education:
In this area, Sagicor Foundation provides assistance to educational institutions at all levels (early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary). At the early childhood and primary level, the Foundation lends support by focusing on donating to the physical infrastructure of the institution as well as improving the overall development of the children. At the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, the Foundation assists with funding through its scholarships programmes focused on underprivileged children who are also excelling academically. 

Sagicor Foundation also provides cash and kind donations to non-profit organisations with a primary focus on health and education, and is carried out in accordance with the strategic goals of the Foundation as approved by the Board of Directors. 

Generally, Sagicor Foundation will not make contributions to certain types of requests.  These include, but are not limited to the following:
Beauty pageants and models
Entertainment events, parties and stage shows; unless there is a charity component 
International organizations
Books, research papers or articles in professional journals
Individual education scholarship requests; outside of the Foundation’s structured scholarship programmes
Individual medical assistance 
Religious organizations, unless they are engaged in a significant project that benefits the community

The following criteria will be used when reviewing a request:
Integrity of the organization or cause:

Is this a cause or organization with which our Group can be positively associated with?


Will our decision to support the organization, serve a few people or many?


Will distribution of the request benefit the Group and worthy cause?

• Benefit to the Group:  

Will our decision improve the quality of life for the community, ultimately benefiting the Group?  Will our decision fulfil our role as a good corporate citizen?  Will our decision demonstrate our leadership in the community?