Is this the plan for me?
CariCare Protector is available if you are between 18 and 64, and provides coverage to your spouse and children until you reach 99 years of age.
What coverage is available?
CariCARE™ Protector covers more, for less. It benefits your family with a range of coverage* that includes:
  • extensive medical coverage 

  • mental and nervous health coverage

  • transplant procedures  

  • emergency travel assistance programme

  • preventative care   

  • physiotherapy

  • maternity coverage  

  • emergency ambulance/air transportation benefits

  • hearing aids benefit  

  • repatriation benefit

For more information, give us a call at 1 (800) 744-7707 or email us at [email protected]
CariCare Plans

Health coverage options designed with you in mind:

• Platinum – lifetime maximum coverage of $1,000,000.
• Gold – lifetime maximum coverage of $500,000.
• Premium – lifetime maximum coverage of $250,000.


What’s the advantage for me?
A serious illness is trouble enough without worrying about financial hardship. The Sagicor CariCARE™ Protector Plan will alleviate the concerns of you and your loved ones, allowing you to concentrate on getting better. Sagicor also has no deductible health coverage, which allows you to instantly start receiving the benefits of your plan.


CariCARE™ Protector is Sagicor’s health product for individuals, which provides benefits within certain parameters in the event of a medical illness. Dental and vision, offered together, can be added to the medical benefit as an option.

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. The product is renewable yearly on the policy anniversary, provided that the lifetime maximum is not exceeded.

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terms and conditions

CariCARE™ Protector is issued by Sagicor Life Inc, a member of the Sagicor Group of Companies. The product options offered are health insurance and do not provide life insurance coverage or accumulates cash values or savings. Instant claim settlement will be subject to which deductible option is chosen.
*dental and vision options are also available for additional purchase.