Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited Alignvest Prospectus Notice

Please read the following notice carefully before proceeding further.  The following prospectus (the “Prospectus”) was prepared by Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation (“Alignvest”) solely in respect of requirements of the securities regulatory authorities of Canada.  The Prospectus is being filed in Canada with such authorities solely by Alignvest in draft form as of December [3], 2018, and is not being filed by Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited (“Sagicor”).  The Prospectus is subject to comment from such authorities, and a final version is expected to be filed in Canada after any such comments have been addressed.  No shares or other securities of Alignvest are being offered for subscription or sale in any jurisdiction pursuant to the Prospectus.  The Prospectus is being made publicly available for information purposes only and does not require any action to be taken by shareholders of Sagicor.  Sagicor intends to update this posting when the final version is available.

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