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Cash consideration election results, updated TSX Conditional Approval and Bermuda Court Approval
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SFCL AQY Additional Subscription with JMMB
SFCL Q1 2019 Financial Results
SFCL Preliminary Q1 2019 Financial Results Summary
Sagicor AQY Financials & Circular Release
Notice of Scheme Meeting
SFCL 2018 CSR Report
Amendment to Circular & Scheme
SFCL 2018 AGM Proxy Form
SFCL 2018 Annual Report
SFCL Q4 End of Year Results
SFCL Delay in Publication of Audited Financial Statements
Second Amendment to Arrangement Agreement
First Amendment to Arrangement Agreement
SFCL Minimum Cash & Amendment News Release
SFCL Record Date Notice of Special Meeting
SFCL Record Date Notice of AGM
SFCL Dividend Notice April 2019
Delay in the Release of Q4 Financials
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AQY & SFCL Release - Shareholders' Meetings Postponed
Shareholders' Notice - Postponement of Meeting
Investor Presentation – February, 2019
Shareholders' Notice - Online Publication of Notice of Meeting
SFCL Circular and Explanatory Statements
SFCL Consideration Election Form
SFCL Proxy Form
SFCL Notice Summoning 13 March Shareholders' Meeting.pdf
Alignvest Files Final Prospectus and Sets Redemption Deadline
Andre Mousseau Appointed CFO
Notice of Order for Directions
SFCL Record Date Notice January 2019
SFCL Bond Investor Briefing January 4, 2019
Notice of Commitment to Shareholders
Alignvest Corporation Prospectus Notice​
Sagicor Jamaica Scotia Agreement
Sagicor Trinidad And Tobago Scotia Agreement
SFCL Alignvest Arrangement Agreement
SFCL Alignvest Scotia Shareholder FAQs​​
SFCL Alignvest Partnership Agreement Existing Shareholder FAQs
SFCL Record Date Notice Nov 2018
SFCL Clarification Notice
Alignvest and Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited Proposed Business Combination Investor Presentation
Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited Enters into Arrangement Agreement with Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation and Agreement for Strategic Acquisition Full Details
Press Release: Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited Enters into Arrangement Agreement with Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation Summary
SFCL Q3 Financial Results
SFCL Notice of Material Change
SFCL Dividend Notice Oct 2018
SFCL Bond Investor Briefing Invitation
Samantha Cheung appointed Executive Vice President, Investor Relations
SFCL Q2 Financial Results
SFCL Bond Investor Briefing
SFCL Interim Financial Statements March 2018
SFCL Q1 2018 Financial Results
SFCL Proxy 2017
SFCL 2017 Notice Booklet.pdf
SFCL Notice of Meeting
SFCL 2017 Annual Report
SFCL March Dividend Notice
SFCL AGM Record Date Notice
SFCL 2017 Q4 Results
2017 Audited Results
Sagicor Donates Mobile Medical Unit to the Government of Dominica
SFCL Media Release December 19, 2017
Bond Investor Briefing December 2017
SFCL Internim Financials September 2017
SFCL Q3 Financials 2017
Notice of Record Date for Payment of Interim Dividend of Common Shares
Sagicor Appoints Nari Persad as Group Chief Actuary
Notice of SFCL Bond Investor Briefing Sep 2017
SFCL Internim Financials June 2017
2017 Q2 Financial Results
SFCL Interim Statements March 2017
SFCL Bond Investor Briefing May 2017
SFCL Q1 Financial Results
Notice of Annual Meeting
SFCL Appointment - Christopher Zacca
SFCL Delayed Annual Meeting
SFCL Proxy Form
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SFCL 2016 Annual Report
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2016 End of Year Results
Bond Investor Briefing Dec 2016
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SFCL Q3 Finacial Results
SFCL Dividend Notice October 2016
Sagicor Standard & Poors Rating
Sagicor World Newsletter Sep 2016
SFCL S&P Rating Sept 2016
SFCL Bond Investor Briefing
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SFC Half-Year Interim Results
SFCL Half Year Results
Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited Redomiciles
2016 SFC Bond Investor Briefing
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SFC Legal Notice - Approval of Resolution
SFC 2016 Q1 Financial Results
Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
SFC Annual Report 2015
SFC 2015 Audited Financial Statements
Annual Meeting Record Date Notice
SFC 2015 End of Year Financial Results
SFC Common Shares Dividend Notice
SFC Dividend Notice Preferred Shares
Fitch Affirms SFC's Rating - Stable
Sagicor Investor Briefing Invitation
Sagicor Celebrates 175 Years of Wise Financial Thinking for Life
SFC Chairman's Statement & Interim Financials Q3 2015
SFC Q3 Financial Results
Oct 2015 Dividend Notice - Preferred Shares
Oct 2015 Dividend Notice - Common Shares
SFC Q2 Financial Results
Sagicor General AM Best Rating
SFC Chairman Nominated
SFC Q1 2015 Financial Results
Common Shares Dividend Notice - March 2015
Preference Shares Dividend Notice - March 2015
SFC Q4 2014 End of Year Financials
SFC 2014 Annual Report
Sagicor Rating Action By S&P
Sagicor's Holiday Message to You
Q3 SFC Financial Results
October 2014 Record Date/Dividend Notice Common Shares
October 2014 Record Date/Dividend Notice Preference Shares
AM Rating for Sagicor August 2014
SFC Q2 Financial Results
2014 Annual Meeting Presentation
SFC 2013 Annual Report
Q1 SFC Financial Results
March 2014 Dividend Notice Preference Shares
SFC Q4 Financial Results
SFC Record Date Notice
Standard & Poors Ratings and SLJ Acquistion
Sagicor Appoints New Director
March 2014 Dividend Notice Common Shares
Sagicor Group Jamaica to Aquire RBS's Jamaican Banking Operations
Notice of Hearing of Application in Grenada
Sale of Sagicor Europe Approved
SFC 2013 Half-Year Financial Results (PDF)
August 2006 Proxy Form
Q2 Financial Results
Finalization of the sale of the BAICO’s traditional life insurance business to Sagicor (PDF)
Comments on the Jamaica’s National Debt Exchange (PDF)
PEMCO Acquisition Release (PDF)
Joint Press Release by Sagicor Financial Corporation and Pan-Jam (PDF)
July 2011 AM Best Rating
June 2011 - Rights Issue Notice to Shareholder
June 2011 - Sagicor Shareholders Approve IFC Investment
March 2011 - Sagicor and IFC Reach Agreement
March 2011 - IFC Release
February 2011 - Sagicor Statement on I.F.C.
September 2010 Q3 Financial Briefing Presentation
September 2010 Sagicor Donation to Haiti Relief Effort
August 2010 Q2 Financial Briefing Presentation
July 2010 AM Best Statement
July 2010 AM Best Rating
June 2010 Standard and Poor's Reaffirms Sagicor Life Inc Financial Strength
June 2010 Standard and Poor's Rational for Sagicor Life Inc Rating
June 2010 Sagicor West Indies Cricket High Performance Centre
January 2010 Standard and Poor's Rating
January 2010 Statement of Private Placement
January 2010 Chairman Appointment
January 2010 Notice of Private Placement
July 2009 Director Appointment – Mr Richard Kellman
July 2009 Director Retirement – Dr Oscar Jordan
May 2009 Sagicor AM Best Rating
March 2009 Sagicor Severances – Statement
December 2008 Director Appointment – Mr David Wright
November 2008 Sagicor General Insurance (Cayman) Limited AM Best Rating
October 2008 US Crisis Statement
February 2008 Sagicor Capital Life Aquires Industrial Alliance Portfolio
December 2007 Barabdos Farm Bid Document
November 2007 Sagicor Notice of Barbados Farm Bid
October 2007 Acquisition of Byrne and Stacey Underwriting
October 2007 Sagicor Life AM Best Rating
September 2007 Sagicor Sells Allnation Portfolio
July 2007 Acquisition of Gerling at Lloyd's Group
June 2007 Director Appointment Dr J Comma
June 2007 Internal Audit Appointment – J E Clarke
June 2007 New Chair and Vice Chair Appointments
November 2006 Removal of the 20% Share Restriction
November 2006 New Sagicor Directors
August 2006 Sagicor AGM News Release
Notice of Annual General Meeting
October 2006 Notice of Special Meeting
September 2005 Sagicor Completes Acquisition of American Founders Life
February 2005 Sagicor Financial Corporation and FamGuard in discussion on Strategic Alliance
May 2005 Life of Jamaica Acquires First Life
December 2004 Mutual Bank sold to the Bank of Butterfield
March 2003 President launches New Brand
February 2003 President welcomes customers to an exciting future with Sagicor
January 2003 - IPO News Release
December 2002 - Sagicor offers 60 million shares to the public
December 2002 - Supervisor gives final approval to Demutualise
November 28th 2002 - Eligible policyholders vote Yes to Demutualisation
November 2002 - Mutual meets with Policyholders to discuss Demutualisation
November 1st 2002 - The Mutual seeks Approval from Policyholders for Demutualisation
November 2002 - Pending vote of Policyholders
June 2002 - Sponsorship of the UWI Cricket Team
SFC 2012 Annual Report